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Subtle Designs
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1. When taking an icon from this journal, I ask that you comment with what icons you're taking and credit subtle_designs in your icon keywords. That way, I can keep track of what designs everyone likes, what they don't and who has my icons. Icons with no text are customizable. You can ask to have anything you want placed on an icon, as many as you want, whenever you want!

2. This journal was previously FRIENDS ONLY. It is now Public. It may switch back at any time, so if you enjoy this journal, please add it to your friends list.

3. If you are a member of this journal and decide to delete it from your friends list, please inform me so that I may take you off as well. It's hard to decipher one person from a large list of members, so this would just be helpful and courteous.

4. If you don't like the icons, don't complain. Just leave the community, simple as that. I like them, and since I'm the one making them, that's all that matters. Complaining or putting down work, members, suggestions, etc. will get you BANNED.

5. If you have a GJ, add me over there as well! http://subtle-designs.greatestjournal.com/

If your community/journal closes, you will be removed from this list.
- If you wish to become an affiliate, comment on the most recent entry! -

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These are just samples of my icons.
Please credit this icon journal in your keywords if you decide to take any!

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